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Established with the only objective to create indulging flavours that tentalizes the senses, Greenwood Food Blending is a wonderful love story of taste & imagination born from years of dedication & commitment that comes out of pure passion for desserts. We are a subsidiary of Greenwood Ice Cream, USA that has been making magic for 65 years now.


You can't buy happiness
but you can buy Ice Cream

And that's kind of the same thing!


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Welcome to American Creamery Ice Cream. After many years, and numerous customer requests, we decided to develop a new and innovative product line that would make the production of the highest quality frozen desserts possible for domestic and international customers who face challenges like:

- Costly transportation (refrigerated shipping).
- High cost of raw materials or limited access to milk, flavors, etc..
- Refrigeration, space, and storage challenges.


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